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“Self Defence” Workshop
“Self Defence” Workshop   ...News & Updates

Rabindranath World School, Gurgaon organised a “Self Defence” demonstration on Monday, 27th April, 2015 in the school. Ms Veena Gupta , the Founder and CMD of Seam Group of companies and the President of the NGO called WESS (Women Empowerment, Safety and Security Foundation, conducted a very educative demonstration explaining to boys and girls the different situations that can take them unawares. An expert at self defence and security, she tackled situations from bag/chain snatching, eve teasing to kidnapping etc. Girls and boys were explained the various ways they can save themselves from such instances.

The students followed her instructions with rapt attention and happily volunteered for demonstration of techniques.

The Principal, Dr. Kiran R Banerji, while thanking Veena Gupta for such an important educative session, also requested her to conduct few more sessions during the year.